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Family Communications Lesson

What is a computer virus?

FaceTime How to call, pick up/decline a call, group calls, and features

Skype How to find/install Skype on your device (computer and phone), signing in/creating an account, and features

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Libby Lesson

How to download the application, connect your library card using the Libby app, searching for and previewing a book, viewing loans/holds, returning a book, and more!

Amazon Kindle

Signing in and out of the app, searching for books, using categories, filtering results, adding items to the cart and checking out, read and use features, and adding books to your list.

Amazon Website

Creating an account and signing in, browsing the catalogs, writing reviews, various other features of the website, and checking out.

General PC Functionalities

Figuring out if you have a PC or laptop, basic functions, safety features, accessibility options, and home screen features.


Downloading Zoom, making an account, creating a meeting, joining meetings in various ways, and features within a meeting. 

MyFridgeFood (short lesson)

Downloading and setting up the app, choosing ingredients, and using the categories.

Our Groceries (short lesson)

How to download the app, making and adding to shopping lists, and creating recipes.

Notion Website (short lesson)

Creating a Notion account, making a new page, using the features within a page, and utilizing pre-made templates.

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