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Executive Board


Asmita Mittal

Founder and Co-President

Hi! My name is Asmita, and I am a sophomore at Cornell University. I am from Long Island, New York! I primarily oversee the Chapter Leads/Executive Board, determine optimal solutions to various challenges, and manage international-wide operations. I love receiving the genuine gratitude from the senior citizens after our lessons; it's so heartwarming as the founder because it shows we are making a true and lasting impact on all of our communities!

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Chakrika Aluri

Executive Content Creation Director 

Hi! I’m Chakrika and I’m a freshman at Drexel University! I’m from Bucks County, PA, which is right outside of Philadelphia. I’m the Executive Co-Director of Content Creation, which means that I assign tasks to for the other content creator members to work on. This include creating new lessons (based upon what the seniors would like to learn) and reformatting old ones. I also enjoy presenting at in-person lessons, since I am able to gain a firsthand insight into the positive impact we are making on senior citizens. 

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Rachel Waggoner


Hi! My name is Rachel. I am a freshman at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and I am from O'ahu, Hawai’i. I currently oversee the Presenters and Social Media teams, helping to connect our volunteers with facilities through our zoom lessons and monthly emails. My favorite memories from my time in TTT have been during lessons with the seniors where they get to share their stories with our volunteers; it is truly gratifying and special. 


Uday Mittal

Executive Content Creation Director

Hi, my name is Uday and I am a freshman at Purdue University. I help organize and create lesson ideas. I manage the content creators and push out tasks for them to work each week. I love volunteering and think it’s an essential part of life. It’s highly rewarding to see that what you do helps people, and TTT helps me accomplish that. My favorite memory was when I was presenting a lesson on scam calls, watching how intently the viewers were listening and hearing how much the information helped them made me feel appreciated!

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Diya Hundiwala

Vice President

Hi everyone! My name is Diya Hundiwala, and I am a freshman at Princeton University! I am from the suburbs of Philadelphia. As Vice President, I work closely with chapter leads to manage operations internationally, ensuring the success of our organization. Having founded the Pennsylvania Chapter, I continue to oversee operations within the state. My favorite part of TTT has been building connections with senior citizens and volunteers worldwide.

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