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"Teens Teach Technology made it simple to get yourself started on social media. Very informative and easy to understand."

- Williston Park Public Library, New York

"I appreciated having a program I could broadcast onto a large screen for in-person participants to follow along with. Communication with your organization was great, and I always received a response when I had a question. Our director was already asking for you to return on a regular basis."

- Oyster Bay Enrichment Center, New York

"Appreciate the teens taking the time to bring us into the 21st century!

- Eileen, Participant from New York

"This has been a useful tool to improve social connection during the pandemic."

- Arlene Weydig, Participant from New York

"I love the program lesson plans, I thought they were just the right amount of simple and informative for beginners. And Asmita and the presenters were so nice and friendly (not to mention incredibly patient)." 


- Joseph E. Coleman Northwest Regional Library, Pennsylvania

"The services were extremely informative, answered all questions our patrons had, and completely well run."


- Gladwyne Library, Pennsylvania

"I loved having access to the the teens' expertise! They know what they are teaching. This is a valuable service."


- Participant from Pennsylvania

"I really liked and appreciated the teens who took the time to facilitate the series. They were easy to understand when answering questions, even those that didn’t pertain to the series itself. Very pleased by the whole series and eager to use all this information! Thanks so much, teens!"

- Donna Terzano, Participant from Pennsylvania

"Teens Teach Tech did a fabulous job presenting three lessons for the Bronxville Library patrons through Zoom. The presentation was clear and concise and the visual aids they used were helpful and informative. They took the time to answer questions that came up and really demonstrated their knowledge."


- Bronxville Public Library

"It was a pleasure to work with TTT members. They were very prompt in responding to all my emails. In my experience, they were efficient and acted very responsibly."

- Montgomery County-Norristown Public Library, Pennsylvania

"All three sessions were very interesting and informative. The most useful to me was the apps for eating. Thank you all the teen teachers for taking time to arrange this seminar for the older population, that was a great idea and I appreciate their effort very much."

- Maya Jagtiani, Participant from Pennsylvania

"Presentations were clear and concise and very useful; highly recommend it."

- Participant from New York

"Love the intergenerational aspect of this!"


- Emily Otis, Participant from California

"Very good content. All the slides in the presentation were very clear and informative."

- Priyanka V., Participant from Pennsylvania

"The teens were so clear and concise with all of the information presented. They were enthusiastic and professional, and shared important information about basic technologies. Visuals were clean and organized! "


- Kutztown Community Library, Pennsylvania

"Great experience for seniors! I learned a lot!"

- Barbara Dondero, Participant from New York

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