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Lesson 1: Healthy Minds

Set Up Downloading and getting started

Features Exploring lessons, practicing with a timer, donating, setting up your profile, and connecting to apple health

Lesson 2: MediSafe

Set Up Downloading and getting started

Features Adding medications, checking interactions, adding doctors, adding diary entries and trackers, adding a dependent, and account options

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Lesson 3: COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling

Scheduling Vaccine eligibility, understanding the types of vaccines available, scheduling an appointment with Walgreens and CVS, and other appointment tips.

Lesson 4: "Find My"

Set Up Signing in and getting started

Features Adding/tracking devices, sending and requesting location, seeing other people’s locations, temporary and permanent sharing, AirTags, iOS 17, and notifications

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Lesson 5: Life360

Set Up Downloading and getting started

Features Joining a circle, current location, location history, adding an item, adding a place, driving details, safety features, membership options, settings, messages, switching circles, checking in, and SOS

Lesson 6: Yuka

Set Up Downloading and getting started

Features Scanning a product, product details, history, recommendations, top products, reporting issues, inviting friends, upgrading your account, and premium member features

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Learning languages-rafiki.png
Lesson 7: Follow My Health

Set Up Downloading and getting started

Features Setting your address, connecting to providers, accessing your messages and health information, notifications, emergency contacts, and signing out

Lesson 8: MyFridgeFood

The Basics Downloading and setting up the app, choosing ingredients, and using the categories.

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Lesson 9: Our Groceries

The Basics How to download the app, creating and adding to shopping lists, and creating recipes

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