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Lesson 1: Gmail

Set Up Creating and signing into an account, understanding the interface

Gmail Use Sending an email, responding to an email, and other features

Lesson 2: Google Drive

Set Up Signing in, understanding the layout

Google Drive Use Using and creating folders and new files

File searching-amico.png
Online calendar-rafiki.png
Lesson 3: Google Calendar & Meet

Scheduling a Google Meet 

Set Up Understanding the interface, creating scheduled events

Lesson 4: Google Photos

Photo Features

Set Up Signing in and navigating the interface

Photo Sharing-rafiki.png
Location tracking-bro.png
Lesson 5: Google Maps

The Basics Using the explore and commute tabs, using the saved tab

Using the contribute and update tabs

Lesson 6: Google Translate

The Basics Basic translating, other ways to translate

Other features

Learning languages-rafiki.png
Learning languages-rafiki.png
Lesson 7: Google Hangouts

Features Messaging, video chat, sending and accepting invites

Lesson 8: Google Sheets

The Basics Accessing and signing into Google Sheets

Other features

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Lesson 9: Google Earth

The Basics Downloading Google Earth on various devices, searching for locations

Other features

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