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Lesson 1: Social Media

Facebookdownload the application, create an account, add friends, post a picture

Instagram: download the application, create an account, follow an account, manage direct messages, post a new photo, private vs. public account

Twitter: download the application, create and follow an account, like a tweet, retweet with and without a comment, comment on a tweet

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Lesson 2: Daily Applications

Food ApplicationsUbereats (using the application to order food)

Grocery Store Applications: Instacart (selecting a store, browsing and purchasing items, delivery/pick-up), Amazon Whole Foods Market (selecting items and purchasing them)

Education Applications: Duolingo (creating an account, practicing and additional features)

Reading Applications: Amazon Kindle (signing up for Kindle, finding a book, purchasing or downloading a book, reading and features)

Lesson 3: Entertainment

Music Applications: Spotify (downloading, signing up, creating a playlist of songs), Amazon Music (exploring songs, using features, listening to music, Apple Music (finding songs of your choice)

Television Streaming: YouTube (downloading the application, finding videos of your interest), Netflix (downloading the application, creating profiles, finding TV shows and movies), Amazon Prime Video (downloading and choosing shows), Hulu and Disney Plus (downloading and finding shows)

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