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Teens Teach Technology is a youth-led nonprofit organization founded in May 2020. We are a community of high school students striving to bridge the generational gap and empower senior citizens by teaching the basics of technology. Originally based in Long Island, New York, our members are now located in 18 states across the United States, clustered in New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, and Hawaii. We also have international members across 7 countries including India, Canada, Taiwan, China, and Egypt!  

Learning and mastering technology has become an integral part of today's world, from contacting friends and family to online shopping. About one-third of adults above the age of 65 report that they have never used the internet and of those who have, say that they are in need of help to set up or use a new digital device. If they are not provided with access to help with technology, they are isolated from society, which ultimately worsens the already worrying trend of isolation among the senior citizen population. Loneliness among the older adult population has led to depression, cardiovascular disease, functional decline, and even death. Technology can play an important tool to aid in lowering these risks, but can only be done if we provide older adults with the skills they need to access the digital world. 

This is the problem we are trying to solve. As an organization, our goal is to be an accessible resource to the older adult population to learn and feel comfortable with the basics of technology. We do this through free forty minute lessons covering topics such as social media, internet safety, google applications, family communication apps, and more! We have a dedicated team of high school volunteers split into four committees: Public Relations, Content Creators, Presenters, and Social Media. All of our teams work together to efficiently keep Teens Teach Technology running. We believe that our members are fueled by their personal experiences with helping seniors in their lives learning technology, and aim to do the same for other older adults across the country. 

Click here to learn about our Founder, or here to learn about the various lessons we offer!

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