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How it Works

Member Applications

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How it Works

Member Applications

Why Join Teens Teach Technology?

Teens Teach Technology offers a way of contributing to the greater society from the comfort of your own home. Run fully virtually, members have the opportunity to gain volunteer hours and communications experience while simultaneously providing an opportunity for seniors to adjust to a new normal as we enter post-pandemic life.

Benefits of Being a Member

As a member, you are eligible to receive certified volunteer hours from your work with our organization. You will have the opportunity to meet hundreds of members from around the globe, fostering international connections. And most importantly, you will improve the quality of life of countless older adults who have been isolated for much too long, allowing them to develop social connections once again.

Member Testimonials

"TTT has allowed me to share my passion for learning about technology with many others across the nation. Being a part of TTT and helping other people connect to the online world has been a very rewarding experience since technology is a growing part of our daily lives. I always look forward to team meetings and seeing the growth of TTT."

-Member, Illinois Chapter

"I think TTT is a great organization that really strives to help our society and helps connect people through technology. As a member of this organization, I am able to make an impact on society and really fulfill my desire to help others and share my knowledge to benefit our elderly population. I am grateful that I joined this group and I hope I can continue to influence our community through this group's great works and efforts."

-Neeharika Rao Chintalapudi, Illinois Chapter

"Teens Teach Technology is a different volunteer experience than most students - including myself- are used to, as the work you do is mainly independent, which provides a lot of learning opportunities. During my time in the public relations, presenters, and social media sections of TTT, Iʻve strengthened my skills in professional communication and public speaking, and have stretched out of my comfort zone while building these new skills. TTT is also a great way to volunteer in our current situation, as we are so reliant on technology, which not everyone knows how to use! What is really great about this organization is that volunteering with it not only benefits you today and your future, but also a community of seniors that will gain so much from the work that you do."

-Rachel Waggoner, Executive Board Member

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