Washington Chapter

Hi! I'm Nora Cai, and I'm a sophomore at Interlake High School in Washington State. I am the Washington Chapter President at Teens Teach Tech. I joined because I've realized how important technology can be in a quickly advancing world, and from personal experience, I know that even little guidance can be very helpful for seniors trying to learn! Outside of school, I love playing basketball, debating, writing, and social media design.

Washington Chapter President

Nora Cai

Public Relations Coordinator

Shriya Gautam

I'm Shriya Gautam, a sophomore at Interlake High School in Bellevue, WA. I'm a part of the public relations team for the Washington chapter of TTT, so I help contact facilities for partnership, and my goal is to be able to better assist the older population to ensure their safety and capability on the world's most powerful tool: the internet. My hobbies include reading (anything from nonfiction to nutrition labels), stressing over school, binge-watching Marvel movies, and walking with my dog.

Hi! My name is Srishti Sankaran, and I am a sophomore at Interlake High School in Washington state. I’m part of the social media team at Teens Teach Tech, where my job is to create and manage social media. I joined TTT because technology is an extremely powerful tool, and I think it’s important that everyone knows how to use it. Some of my hobbies are calligraphy, art, kung-fu, and baking!

Social Media Coordinator

Srishti Sankaran

Hi! My name is Grace Giger, and I am a rising senior at Kamiakin High School in Washington. I am a part of the presenters team at TTT. I joined because I love to help people, especially the older adult population, and I think this cause is so important. I want to make a difference in people's lives, and make a positive impact on our world. Some of my hobbies include reading, hiking, and baking.


Grace Giger

Hi! I’m Emily, and I’m a sophomore at Interlake High School on the Public Relations Team of TTT’s Washington Chapter. I joined because TTT’s a great opportunity for both personal growth and volunteering, allowing me to improve speaking skills while helping senior citizens navigate the rising age of technology. Outside of completing mounds of homework comparable to Sisyphus’ rock, you can often find me playing with my kitty, practicing volleyball, or attempting to read marketing books!


Emily Chu