Texas Chapter

My name is Devika Nambisan and I live in Frisco, Texas. I joined Teens Teach Technology as a social media coordinator and now I'm the chapter president of Texas. I absolutely love being able to help for such an amazing cause. I have always wanted to do something for the community and Teens Teach Technology is the best way to do that. I love being part of such an amazing organization and hope to expand and improve it.

Texas Chapter President

Devika Nambisan

Hey, y'all! My name is Anwita Bulusu, and I am part of the Texas chapter in Teens Teach Technology! I love anything related to music, Marvel films, clothes, swimming, and visiting new places! I am so excited to be part of this organization and meet all of you!

Social Media Coordinator

Anwita Bulusu

I am Nibil Jeju Jose, and I am a junior at Coppell High School, Texas. I am a part of the public relations team. My role on the team is to contact libraries and senior homes to set up presentations for our organization. I joined because I love technology and this organization felt like the right way to make an impact on the world. Some of my hobbies include reading, swimming, playing soccer, and drawing.

Public Relations Coordinator

Nibil Jeju Jose

My name is Frida Guzman, I'm a junior in Yes Prep East End high school in Houston, Texas, I'm part of the presenter team in Teens Teach Technology, I joined because I think it's important to give back to the community, and I love to read and listen to music as well to go out with my friends in my spare time.

Content Creator

Frida Guzman

Hey my name is Tanisha Kundu but you can just call me TK! I’m a junior at Westwood High School in Texas and I’m currently working as a presenter. I love dancing and martial arts but I’m also big on volunteering so I decided to contribute to the work done by TTT to try and serve our national community.


Tanisha Kundu

My name is Samhitha Radhakrishnan and I am in 10th grade. I am from Texas and am part of the public relations team. I am the Chapter Head of Public Relations in Texas and my role is to help gain more members and also try to help gain appointments for my state. I joined as I believe that the world is developing and advancing, and I want to help people adapt by helping them learn how to use technology. I wanted to help them survive in this advancing technological world. I love to draw and play video games when I am free.

Chapter Head of Public Relations

Samhitha Radhakrishnan

Hi my name is Hannah Beeler. I am from Texas and I am a sophomore at Liberty High School. I am a part of the social media coordinators team in this organization. I joined Teens Teach Tech because I believe it is important for seniors to have ways to stay connected with friends and loved ones. In my free time, I enjoy dancing, baking, and playing the harp.

Social Media Coordinator

Hannah Beeler

Hello everyone! My name is Arohan Shrestha and I am a junior at Westwood High school in Texas. I am a part of the social media/graphic design department of this organization. I am an active person who would love to help in any way regarding social media management or graphic design for the organization. Also, in my free time, I like to learn and practice video editing and photoshop, which is why I wanted to use these skills to help the good cause of teaching technology. I have experienced many of my own older family members being lost when using technology, which creates a big gap between them and the current world we live in. I really want to help people in similar situations, so we can further bring this gap together.

Content Creator

Arohan Srestha

Hi, my name is Akaanksha Bedampeta and I'm a freshman at Heritage High School in Frisco, Texas. I joined Teens Teach Technology as a presenter because I understand how technology has become an important part of our daily lives and wanted to make sure everyone was able to communicate with their loved ones while also being safe. During presentations, I help teach our audience the lessons our content makers have made for them and answer questions to the best of my ability at the end. I love reading, listening to music, and volunteering in my community!


Akaanksha Bedampeta

Hi! My name is Shreyaa, and I have recently joined the Texas Chapter of Teens Teach Technology as a presenter. My friend recommended that I join the program due to its wonderful motives. I believe that common technology can make the daily lives of America’s senior citizens much easier and more efficient. However, the population isn’t aware of this. Teens Teach Technology is solving this problem by approaching the senior population and educating them on the benefits of implementing technology in their everyday actions. In the future, I plan to either pursue a career in Computer Science, or to start my own business. My hobbies include singing, playing the piano, dancing, and producing music. It is an honor to be a part of the TTT family.


Shreyaa Arun

My name is Madeline Contreras, I am currently a sophomore at Debakey High School in Texas. One hobby I have is reading because it is one of my favorite things to do. I am part of the presenters team that helps in presenting information to the facilities that sign up. I joined TTT because it is a great opportunity to help people learn about technology.


Madeline Contreras