Lesson Options

ALL lessons include a Q & A session at the end in which the audience is allowed to ask any questions about the lesson we taught, OR any questions about technology in general!

Series 1: Basics of Day to Day Technology
Lesson 1: Social Media

Twitter: How to download the application, create an account, follow an account, how to like a tweet, how to retweet with and without a comment, how to generally comment on a tweet

Instagram: How to download the application, create an account, follow an account, manage direct messages, post a new photo, private vs. public account

FacebookHow to download the application, create an account, add friends, post a picture

Series 2: Internet Safety

*Facilities choose 3 out of the 6 lesson options*

Lesson 1: Avoiding Viruses on the Internet

What is a computer virus?

How do you avoid viruses on the Internet?: Fake download button ads, “clickbait” ads, scareware scams

How do you secure your personal information?Be careful with messages from strangers, have anti virus programs on your computer, what to do if there is a virus in your computer, download a VPN

Series 3: Google Apps

*Facilities choose 3 out of the 6 lesson options*

Lesson 1: Gmail

Set Up: Creating an account, signing into an account, understanding the interface

Gmail Use: Sending an email, responding to an email, other features

Lesson 2: Google Drive

Set Up: Signing in, understanding the layout

Google Drive Use: How to use and create folders, creating new files

Standalone Lesson
Family Communications Lesson

Facetime: How to call someone, pick up/decline a call, group calls, and features

Skype: How to find/install Skype on your device (computer and phone), signing in/creating an account, and features


One-on-One Lessons:

Lesson series will be presented, but time will also be allotted to answer general questions about technology use as well!

**We can also CREATE a lesson plan just for your facility! Let us know the topic and our content creator team will get right on it!**


Founded in May 2020, Teens Teach Technology is a group of high school students trying to close the gap between older adults and their knowledge of technology!


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