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Please Note

1. All of our lessons are 100% FREE!

2. Each facility is allowed to schedule a maximum of one series and one standalone lesson at a given time. 

3. Each lesson is over one day, so our facilities schedule lessons over one day, week, month, etc.

4. All of our lessons include a general Q & A session at the end in which the audience is allowed to ask any questions about the lesson we just taught, or any questions about technology in general!

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Series #1: Basics of Day to Day Technology

*This series only consists of 3 lessons*

Lesson 1: Social Media

Facebookdownload the application, create an account, add friends, post a picture

Instagram: download the application, create an account, follow an account, manage direct messages, post a new photo, private vs. public account

Twitter: download the application, create and follow an account, like a tweet, retweet with and without a comment, comment on a tweet

Series #2: Internet Safety

*Facilities choose 3 out of the 6 lesson options*

Lesson 1: Avoiding Viruses on the Internet

What is a computer virus?

How do you avoid viruses on the Internet? Fake download button ads, "clickbait" ads, scareware scams

How do you secure your personal information? Safety with strangers, anti virus programs, downloading virtual private networks, how to handle a virus on your computer

Series #3: Google Applications

*Facilities choose 3 out of the 6 lesson options*

Lesson 1: Gmail

Set Up: Creating and signing into an account, understanding the interface 

Gmail Use: Sending an email, responding to an email, and other features

Lesson 2: Google Drive

Set Up: Signing in, understanding the layout

Google Drive Use: Using and creating folders and new files

Standalone Lessons

*We have two lessons - either one can be chosen*

Family Communications Lesson

FaceTime: how to call, pick up/decline a call, group calls, and features 

Skype: how to find/install Skype on your device (computer and phone), signing in/creating an account, and features

One-on-One Lessons

 1. Watch our pre-recorded lesson beforehand

2. Ask your questions to one of our tech experts in a twenty minute Zoom


You will have the option to ask general questions about technology (not related to the lesson)!