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Positions  within the United States

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Social Media Coordinators

  • Run Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts

  • Create posts and stories for all social media accounts

Public Relations Coordinators

  • Call nursing homes, libraries, and facilities to book appointments

  • Contact newspapers and magazines

Content Creators

  • Update and add lessons for each series

  • Create personalized lessons to individual facilities


  • Present lessons to facilities

  • Practice presenting lessons with team leaders

Graphic Designers

  • Create aesthetically pleasing slideshows, templates, social media posts, and flyers

  • Help design and maintain the website

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International Applicants

Are you interested in taking on a leadership position and helping out specifically in your own community?

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Founded in May 2020, Teens Teach Technology is a group of high school students trying to close the gap between older adults and their knowledge of technology!


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