About Us

Welcome to Teens Teach Technology! Our organization was founded by Asmita Mittal, a student at Syosset High School on Long Island, NY, in May 2020. Witnessing the drastic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on communication methods in her community, she sought to fight the generational gap by providing opportunities for the older adult population to catch up to the vast capabilities of modern-day technology. She noticed how her parents and grandparents were more isolated due to the pandemic, and thought of what she uses to connect to her friends: social media. Asmita realized that most older adults don’t know the basics of technology, and furthermore, don’t have anyone to teach them; but, the entirety of the Gen-Z population know this information as they have grown up in the technological age.

Beginning in the local area, Asmita began to recruit others who were passionate about the same cause, each with their own personal experiences with seniors in need of assistance with technology. Along with her newly formed executive team, she took the organization to the national stage, gaining members thousands of miles away. Most recently, with the contribution of over 130 dedicated members, she has expanded Teens Teach Technology internationally. Watching seniors connect with their loved ones is truly a rewarding gift, and drives our members to continue to participate in this organization, facilitating a global shift toward technological dependence.