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Asmita Mittal is the Founder and President of Teens Teach Technology, and is attending Binghamton University. Her tasks include overseeing the Executive Board and all of TTT's chapters, along with coordinating events inside and outside the organization. She also focuses on outreach and works on brainstorming strategies to improve this organization as a whole. 

Outside of Teens Teach Technology, Asmita is the Founder and Co-President of Helping Hands Society, a club at her high school promoting Alzheimer's Disease awareness. Asmita is also the Co-President of Pre-Medical Society and participates in her school's speech and debate team. In her free time, Asmita can be found cracking open a book ranging from the classics to psychology and even astronomy, always eager to learn more about anything and everything. She also loves playing badminton, dancing, and spending time with friends and family.

Her Story

Asmita's interest in psychology and neuroscience started when she was in 5th grade, and learned about the parts of the brain for the first time. She remembers her teacher handing her a styrofoam 3-D cutout of the brain and toothpicks with a piece of paper with the parts of the brain written attached. Asmita was in complete awe and ran home that day with her new model of the brain - her mom still says that is the most excited she has ever been. Ever since that moment, she has been obsessed with learning about the brain, whether it be reading books, articles, websites, anything she can get her hands on. 

Asmita has always been passionate about helping the older adult population as she has a very close bond with her grandparents and went to senior centers often when she was younger. During the pandemic, Asmita's  grandparents asked her questions about Facebook, trying to find a way to connect to their friends and family. At first, Asmita didn't think twice about this common encounter between the older and younger generation. A few weeks later, she came across an article about the declining mental health of senior citizens due to extreme isolation during the pandemic, and this caused her brain's gears to turn. She realized that there are thousands of senior citizens in her community and beyond who do not know how to use technology to contact their loved ones - but Gen Z know it like the back of their hand. Asmita put two and two together and started a then small, local organization under the name Teens Teach Technology. 

In May 2020, she began in the local area, recruiting others who were passionate about the same cause, each with their own personal experiences with seniors who could benefit from learning technology. Along with her newly formed executive board, Asmita took the organization to the national stage, gaining members thousands of miles away. Most recently, with the contribution of 180 members, she has expanded the organization internationally. Asmita's favorite part is watching seniors connect with their loved ones with the help of Teens Teach Technology, and believes it is truly a rewarding gift. 


Asmita is always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Please don't hesitate to connect!

You can reach her by email at or through her LinkedIn!

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